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Quilling Embellishments for Scrapbook Pages

Quilling is a paper art where you learn to coil, curl, twist, or fringe long even shreds of paper into a large variety of coils and scrolls, creating intricate, beautiful patterns and quilled embellishments. Quilling takes some practice to get the hang of but is a much easier paper craft to do than it seems. You'll certainly be glorified by many people when they see your quilled creations since this is a paper craft that looks very detailed and time consuming. It is the perfect scrapbooking embellishment since it is unique, beautiful, and made from acid free paper. You will find with simple to follow step-by-step instructions, the basics of quilling are easy to master. Then you can start to make your own designs with ease to embellish your scrapbooking pages!

The history of quilling dates back hundreds of years but is recently gaining a new interest since quilling patterns are a great way to embellish scrapbooks, invitations, announcements, and home-made cards. Besides that, the cost to get started with quilling is comparatively lower than almost any other craft you could create at home! Although the art of quilling has been around for years, it is not very popular in craft stores so you may have a hard time finding supplies unless you know where to look online.

Often people wonder what types of designs they can create with quilling paper strips. The majority of work you will see is probably flowers since quilled flowers are a lot of fun to make and are a very popular in many female scrapbooking pages. Beyond floral designs, you'll find that you can create with quilling almost any design you can think of! Things like animals, numbers, beach items, and holiday themes are great items you can learn to quill with paper to create amazing intricate and beautiful scrapbooking embellishments! You will have a lot of fun trying new ideas with quilling even if you don’t have a pattern to follow (although it definitely helps for beginner quillers).

Let's Learn About Paper Quilling!

Although most popularly called quilling, this paper craft has a few other names it is known by as well. Maybe you have heard it called paper filigree, rolled paper d├ęcor, paper rolling, quiling, or filigrana. Whatever you chose to call it, try quilling once and you’ll surely be hooked on this unique paper art. Quilling makes gorgeous artwork to jazz up any craft, especially scrapbooking and card making. Whatever name you call it, paper quiling is a lot of fun and easy to do with my step by step instructions.

The art of paper filigree is not a quick, mass-produced artform. While it is not difficult to learn, it does require a good eye for detail, time, and patience....lots of patience since you are working with small strips of paper!

Surprisingly though, quilling is not difficult to learn how to do (if you follow instructions) but it does take some time and patience since you are working with intricate designs and small strips of paper. You just need a few proper tools (such as a slotted quilling tool) and the time to work on your quilled art. The great thing about the art of paper quilling is that almost anyone at any age can learn how to do paper filigree after just a little bit of practice. You can work on your quilling creations for a few minutes or for many hours. It depends on how quickly you want to work and how much time you have for your creations; although many professional quillers will suggest that this paper art does take quite some time. I’m pretty sure that once you get started quilling, you won’t want to stop. However, if you just want to learn quilling to add a few designs to your scrapbook or card making, you can do that in very little time and find it fairly easy to master quickly with proper instructions and patterns.

Quilling at its most basic, is the art of rolling (or coiling) a strip of paper around a tool then conforming it into a variety of shapes. Quilled paper shapes are then formed into a larger design and glued together. Once you learn the basic coils and scrolls, you’ll be able to create artwork and patterns in very little time. Have fun quilling!

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Want to Know What Quilling Is?

Yahoo! Answers "Quilling: What Is It?"

If you don't understand quilling and want to know more about it, check out this yahoo answers post above. Have fun quilling!!