Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What is Quilling Paper?

Quilling paper is type of paper specifically designed for the art of quilling because it is cut into strips that will easily coil and roll. The most popular width is 1/8 inches but you can also find ¼ inches for a thicker design, as well as a few other widths. There are hundreds of different colors and paper designs available for sale which really allows you to make a variety of unique creations.

I’ve seen a wide variety of paper types for sale beyond a simple solid colored paper. You can also find graduated colored paper, two-tone paper, pearlized paper, or even glittery lined paper.

If you are creating quilled paper crafts for scrapbooks you’ll certainly want to be sure that the paper is acid free so it does not ruin your photos and so it lasts for a long time. Otherwise, you can chose to use any type of paper you’d like. You can even make paper strips at home if you have the right tools to get all the strips even. Uneven paper strips will create ugly and unprofessional designs so you’ll want to be sure that the paper you are working with is straight and cut cleanly.

You will notice that quilling paper is specially designed to be thin and smooth so it will easily to coil around your quilling tool. It will be difficult to use card stock or another type of thick paper since it is too thick for coiling. You’ll notice that using thick paper will make your coils crease instead of stay smooth and rolled. As long as you purchase “quilling paper” from a craft store, you’ll be certain that the paper is going to be great for your quilled paper projects.

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